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Late Afternoon Rainbow
February 23, 2009 at 3:30 PM from JPL's Table Mountain Observatory

A brief and bright rainbow appeared after a late afternoon rainstorm

This photograph was taken with a Canon 1Ds Mark III digital SLR
using a 24mm lens at f/8 for a 1/120 second exposure.

All photographs taken by James W. Young - W7FTT
(unless otherwise noted)

This page has links to astronomical photographs taken by the author, as well
as fellow associates working at JPL's Table Mountain Observatory. All
pictures have individual pages with full explanations of the photographic processes,
as well as the particular circumstances surrounding the events shown.

Nearly all pictures are in the public domain, and therefore may be used for non-
commercial, non-profit personal use. Regardless, credit all use by displaying the full
picture which includes the copyright owner and photographer on each picture. You
may copy and then print for your own personal display, or to show printed
copies at club/organizational meetings. Classroom use is encouraged, and may
be distributed to students and/or used in classroom projects.

However, none of the pictures may be used for any form of Web Page
enhancement or backgrounds without the written permission from W7FTT,
but, permission is granted to link to this page from your own.

Many of the color planetary images shown here were some of the best taken, starting
in the 1960's, as Table Mountain and other facilities attempted color imaging for the
first time in astronomical history.

This photo gallery collection of interesting and unusual photographs serves more as
an historical album of JPL's Table Mountain. During these early years, no one could
have visualized what CCD's, as well as the Hubble Space Telescope, can now image in
such detail, and with extremely short integrations (exposure times).

Photograph Pages

The Photographers - James W. Young/W7FTT and Karen A. Young/N6PJL

Charles F. Capen, Jr.

I have worked at Table Mountain since November, 1962. Mr. Charles F. Capen, Jr.,
was the then resident astronomer. It was Mr. Capen that started the extensive planetary
color photography. He retired from Table Mountain in 1970.

This new page is under construction, and will be changing from time to time. I have the many
photographs listed under categories now, rather than just an open list! Most of the pictures can
be viewed as single individual higher resolution frames suitable for saving and/or printing. Not all
of the frames are that way, but anytime you find a colored border around the page pictures, you
can click on the picture and see the higher resolution picture, without the page details. If you wish
to save, print and/or distribute any copies of pictures found on this site, you must print the entire
frame including the copyright owner and photographer already imbedded onto the pictures.

NEW LINK to special German Web Site

I have added a special atmospheric phenomenon link from a site in Germany. This is a
very good site to get additional information and numerous pictures in a variety of
categories, listed in an index format. It is bilingual (German/English), and I will be working
with them to help improve their English version. I highly recommend this link! Check it out!!

Don't forget to come back to these pages, please.

Picture Categories

The Earth
Atmospheric Phenomenon

    Lightning                                     Halos
      Lightning and Rain Over the Desert            Atmospheric Halos 
      Lightning Over Table Mountain Observatory     Colored and Full Ring Halos 
      Lightning Over Victorville, California 
      Lightning Striking the Mojave Desert        Sundogs
      Lightning Striking the Desert Floor           Sun Dogs or 'Mock Suns' 
      Nearby Lightning and Rain Storm 
      Lightning Over the Mojave Desert            Mountain Shadow
      Lightning Over El Mirage Dry Lake             Mt. Whitney Casting Shadow 

    Rainbows                Clouds                Northern Lights
      Rainbow Colors          Whispy Clouds         Aurora Over Table Mountain
    Sunrise/Sunset                      Rocket Launches
      Moonrise at Table Mountain          Echo II Launch from Vandenberg AFB 
      Sunset Over Mt. Baden Powell        Barium Cloud Launch from Nevada 
      Sunrise On the 24-Inch Facility     Missile Launches from Vandenberg AFB 
      Sunrise Over the Mojave Desert 
      Sunset Over the Pacific Ocean     The Green Flash Phenomenon
                                          The Green Flash Seen Over the Ocean
    Spacecraft/Satellites               Meteors/Fireballs/Meteor Showers
      Apollo 13 CSLM and SLA Panels       A Perseid Meteor Fireball 
      Iridium Satellite Flash             A Leonid Meteor Fireball 
      NEAR Spacecraft                     The Great 1966 Leonid Meteor Shower 
                                          Additional Perseid Meteors 
      Laser Experiment Shooting the Moon          Earthshine
      Table Mountain Laser from the Moon            Earthshine Seen On the Moon 
      LIDAR Atmospheric Studies Laser 
      Laser Experiment to Hit the Galileo Spacecraft
The Solar System
   Venus                                   The Moon
      Venus, the Morning Star                 The Haemus Mountain Range 
      The Crescent Venus                      The Bright Crater Aristarchus 
      Venus at Inferior Conjunction           Mare Nubium and the Straight Wall 
                                              Plato, the Walled Plain 
    Eclipses                                  The Apennine Mountains 
      Total Eclipse of the Moon               The Lunar Crater Maurolycus 
      Annular Eclipse of the Sun              The Crater Julius Caesar 

    Mars                                    Planetary Conjunctions
      Mars Showing the Syrtis Major           Planets Over the 16-Inch Facility 
      Mars with Mare Acidalium                Four Planets and the Moon 
      Mars Showing Sinus Sabaeus              Three Planets and the Moon 
      Mars Occults a Star                     Three Planets and AFB Rocket Launch 

    Jupiter                                 Asteroids
      Jupiter and Her Satellites              Asteroid 2874 - Jim Young 
      Jupiter and the Great Red Spot 
      Jupiter and Equatorial Festoons       Saturn
      Jupiter's Red Spot - Drawing #1         Saturn with Her Rings 
      Jupiter's Red Spot - Drawing #2         Saturn with Her Rings Edgewise 
      Additional Jupiter Pictures 
      The Sun-Grazing Comet - Ikeya-Seki      Comet Hale-Bopp and Bright Meteor 
      Halley's Comet                          Hale-Bopp's Dust and Gas Tail 
      A Close-Up View of Comet West 
      The Fan-Shaped Tail of Comet West       (more images yet to come!!!)
      Comet Hyakutake Visits the Earth - 1 
      Comet Hyakutake Visits the Earth - 2  Constellations
      The Long Tail of Comet Hyakutake        Ursa Minor - The Little Dipper
    Clusters/Nebulae/Galaxies               The 1998 Leonid Meteor Shower 
      The Pleiades - A Galactic Cluster       Picture History from Near Blythe, California 
      The Great Orion Nebula - M 42 
      The Extended Orion Nebula 
      The North American Nebula 
      The North American Nebula in Color 
      The Faint California Nebula 
      The Andromeda Galaxy - M 31
    The Table Mountain Facility
      The Table Mountain Facility - 1 
      The Table Mountain Facility - 2 
      The Table Mountain Facility - 3 
      The Table Mountain Facility - 4 
      The Table Mountain Astronomers

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